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Corp Wars 3D: Low poly environments and vehicles

Low poly art made for Kybernesis Corp Wars setting

Staale tevik wlrenderkaravan

Waster raiding party

Staale tevik newcpscenerender5bgblue

Corporate territory sabotage

Staale tevik newenrender3

enklave mini scene

Staale tevik corpmedlgtlopoly

corporate mobile gun "Sitter" with biker

Staale tevik cphvytexturehappy

Corporate missile mech "Bombardier"

Staale tevik buggydetailednorider

Wastelander buggy

Staale tevik gunslingerbutspecularright

the Gunslinger

Staale tevik wl1x3mappedrecolour

Waster juggernaut transport vehicle

Staale tevik cwkaravancity

A caravan rolling across the wasteland

Staale tevik cwtrenderwallpaperts

fortified enklave

Staale tevik cwterritoriesmockup

A fortunately placed enklave

Staale tevik treestyle3

trees of the african wilderness

Staale tevik rumblecliffs02

desert cliff environment

Staale tevik entruckquickmap

Enklave small transport

Staale tevik tankduckgrey

enklave mobile gun

Staale tevik 524709 10152748445465455 2006221249 n

Enklave fortress vignette

Staale tevik 65613 10152748724740455 67648417 n

Nommo village vignette

Staale tevik 563711 10152748724575455 1404156938 n

Corporate outpost vignette