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A Lovecraftian Grimoire

Concepts illustrations for Kybernesis' game project "PIB: the Paranormal Intelligence Bureau"
Based on descriptions by the writer Howard Philips Lovecraft

Staale tevik pagemigo

The Mi-Go are a technologically advanced species that do not discern between science and sorcery

Staale tevik pagedarkyoung

The dark young of Shub'Niggurath preside over rituals in her honor

Staale tevik pagedeepone

Deep One, amphibious servitor of Dagon and Hydra

Staale tevik pagemoonbeast

A Moon Beast, resident of the moon in the Dreamlands. Known as slavers sailing the sky in dark galleys

Staale tevik pageyellowking

The Yellow King, regent of lost Carcosa by lake Hali. Possibly a high priest of or being Hastur itself

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A flying polyp, extradimensional creature shifting between dimensions