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Corp Wars: Concept art

Concept art / turnarounds produced for Corp Wars - a ficitonal world intended to be a backdrop for some of Kybernesis' games.

Staale tevik corpbike1ortho
Staale tevik cpcav1ortho01

Mobile gun, "Sitter"

Staale tevik cphvyortho03bones

Bombardier, heavy assault vehicle. Weapon systems changed to missiles launched from the top of rear portion

Staale tevik rumblecpbaboonvector

Corporate civilian bike, "Baboon"

Staale tevik familycar001 01

Corporate urban civilian vehicle

Staale tevik corplritier1

Stealth sniper concept, tier 1

Staale tevik corplritier2full

Stealth sniper concept, tier 2

Staale tevik corplritier3full

Stealth sniper concept, tier 3

Staale tevik cplriorthos

Stealth Sniper tiers, simplified for low poly geometry

Staale tevik crewcp1turnaround

1/6 ratio deformed style Corporate crew

Staale tevik buildings01

Corporate territory neo-renaissaince buildings

Staale tevik rumblestructures 02small

Corporate territory new design direction for more detail

Staale tevik envehiclelight01orthos

Enklave Sandmobile

Staale tevik enclavetruck02

Enklave utility vehicle

Staale tevik enhvy3ortho01

Enklave tank "Duck"

Staale tevik buildings02

Enklave fortress modules

Staale tevik buildings03

Enklave fortress modules

Staale tevik buildings04

Enklave fortress modules

Staale tevik rumblecars10

Waster Junk trader

Staale tevik wlhvyothos01

Waster rocket lorry

Staale tevik wlsri bike orthos02

Waster dirt bike

Staale tevik wlcavorthos01

Waster Buggy

Staale tevik rumblemonsterrhino

Waster Rhinodozer

Staale tevik rumbleperegrinewip1

Nommo GEV interceptor

Staale tevik rumbleterrain

Wasteland cliff terrain bits

Staale tevik enrailsniper

Enclave scoped rail gun

Staale tevik zifpistolmk4

Enclave flechette pulse pistol, known as "The stapler"