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Myrior Chronicles Fantasy Tactics

Characters for game markers and some storytelling scenes.

Some pieces were sketched in traditional medium, but cleaned and finished digitally.

Staale tevik demoyuminbasicjobs

Character markers for demo, different Jobs: Soldier, Healer, Archer, Warlock

Staale tevik mcftjobs 20180525 0001

Character markers for demo, different Jobs: Warrior, Rogue, Fencer, Knight

Staale tevik mcftjobs 20180525 0002

Character markers for demo, different Jobs: Spiritist, Summoner, Assassin

Staale tevik demo001

Phooka Warlock, Phooka Fencer and Jötul Soldier

Staale tevik oppdragnuestclrwarm

The celebrating adventurers are asked for help

Staale tevik mcfttreasurehunters

Digging for Treasure

Staale tevik mcftplansrevenge

Planning revenge

Staale tevik phookaquarterrepaint3

The island city of Sabul's phooka quarter

Staale tevik mcftbayrun1

Rogues in the pier

Staale tevik harbortradefinal

Selling fish at a pier

Staale tevik scenealleycats

Running through an alley in the ancient city of Quaern

Staale tevik treasuretransportbrownssmall

Treasure caravan with guards

Staale tevik chargetodawn

Charge into the dawn!